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Timber Plywood

phenomena: South-east Asia, the Malaysia, Philippines and Sarawak. Meranti can be found in lowlying rain forests in mountainous region.

Wood colour: medium two dark reddish-brown, infrequently with light stripes. The sap wood will generically be a lighter shade of red than the heart wood.

Properties: Meranti has relatively outdoor durability, but has a rather plump structure. This plump structure can make surface treatment more difficult, for instance Achieving a sealed surface coat. Hardwood with an generic density of 630 kg / m³. The wood can contain water-soluble, pigmented substances.

Processing: Meranti is convenient to work, although the surface of the wood can splinter if hebetate planing tools are used. There are no problems gluing Meranti.

Surface treatment: Only the sap wood can be impregnated. Otherwise surface treatment of Meranti is easy, notwithstanding there can be occasional color seepage.

Outdoor use: Windows, outdoors, and anywhere outdoors where durability is a requirement.

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